Active GMWA Membership ranges from professional and amateur Gospel vocalists to instrumentalists, composers, arrangers, directors and producers, and the like.


Local Chapters are the basic unit of organization of GMWA. Locally the chapter offers to its membership and others of the city in which it is located, performance, academic and ministry opportunities.


Gospel Music Workshop of America (“GMWA”), founded by James Cleveland along with Albertina Walker, has over 30,000 members in 150 chapters.


Aside from the Annual Board Meetings and National Conventions, each Chapter within GMWA holds local concerts and services.

GMWA 2018 Convention - Atlanta, GA

2018 will mark our 51st year of the Gospel Music Workshop of America. Registration will begin Mid-September.

The Alliance is comprised of local “Associations” that will work to raise the level of proficiency and quality in the presentation of Gospel Music in specific geographic locations. Each Association will provide continuing skill development and empower members with knowledge, encouragement and spiritual replenishment. We invite you to unite with us to build a strong Alliance that will enhance the gospel music experience through terrestrial and internet radio, social and printed media, television and other media types while increasing the awareness, acceptance and penetration of Gospel Music across the world.