Performance Division

One objective within GMWA is to give the world a song. The Performance Division is charged with delivering the same. In this Division, musicians are able to introduce, teach and perform their compositions to vast audiences.

At each convention, 3,000 to 4,000 vocalists and musicians come together to produce a new recording with less than 16 hours of rehearsal. The choirs that make up the Performance & Recording Division include the National Mass Choir (2,000 to 3,000 members), the Women of Worship (300 to 500 members), the Men of Promise (250 to 400 members), and the Youth and Young Adult Choir (300 to 500 members).

In addition to the GMWA choirs, the Performance and Recording Division is also responsible for the New Music Seminar, which showcases 35 - 40 gospel songs penned by writers from across the globe. The Performance and Recording Division also operates the GMWA's recording arm, WEIS Records.

About 75 percent of the recordings on Billboard Magazine's gospel charts are written, arranged, produced and/or performed by GMWA members.

The Performance Division was the first division organized under GMWA and the convention grew and developed around it. Member performances take place Sunday through Friday at the conventions Nightly Musicals - 7pm to midnight, followed  by the Midnight/Late Night auxiliary services.

The National Mass Choir, Men of Promise, Women of Worship and Youth/Young Adult Choir prepare and record the annual GMWA compilation album.

During the past 41 years, great songs of churchdom have been birthed through GMWA.  "God is Not Dead", "He Decided to Die", "Give Me a Clean Heart",  and so many other big hits have been spawned through the Performance Division.

Recently GMWA began it's own record label, WEIS "Where Everybody is Somebody" Records. Daily rehearsals are conducted for each choir resulting with the Friday recording.