GMWA Chapters

Local Chapters (from various cities and countries throughout the world) are the basic unit of organization of GMWA. Locally the chapter offers to its membership and others of the city in which it is located, performance, academic and ministry opportunities. A Chapter Representative heads each local chapter and follows rules and regulations established by the Chapter Representatives Division of the parent body.

Procedures for Establishing a Local Chapter:

Persons interested in forming a local chapter should collect names, addresses and telephone numbers of all interested individuals, musicians, choirs, groups, etc.

1.  The person interested in serving as the Chapter Representative must send the following documents to the President of Chapters Rep. or his/her designee:

  • A letter of intent – biographical sketch/resume’ and three (3) character reference letters – one of which should be from his/her pastor.
  • Meet with the Executive Committee of the Chapter Representatives Division and present an oral statement of intent and the documents listed above.

2.  After the prospective Chapter Representative is approved by the President of the Chapter and the Executive Committee of the Chapter Representative’s Division, he/she will receive a letter confirming the appointment.

3.  The Chapter Representative should begin holding chapter meetings  (includes those who have already expressed an interest; and inviting others to participate).

Membership in Local Chapters:

Membership in a local chapter is governed by the regulations which have been set forth by the National Board of Directors of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc.

Membership will not be recognized unless these rules are followed:

1.  Should a chapter not exist in a particular geographical area of concern, groups, choirs or individuals are encouraged to initiate one.

2.  Where no chapter exists, those desiring to be a part of the Gospel Music Workshop of America may affiliate through the nearest chapter until such time as one is organized in their geographical area.

3.  No local choir, group or individual will be recognized in the national body if it/he/she does not actively and consistently participate in the local chapter. The local Chapter Representative is granted the power of individual exemptions.

4.  Membership into a local chapter is by two ways:

  • Active Membership – The member pays regular dues to the local chapter and engages in activities and events held by the local chapter. The dues in this category are usually less than those of an Associate Member.
  • Associate Membership – The member pays an annual fee to the local chapter and participates in some of the events and activities held by the local chapter. The fee in this category is considerably higher that that of an Active Member.

5.  All chapters are required to have an Associate Membership category for persons who are unable to be active chapter members, but wish to register through the chapter to attend national conventions.

6.  Every Chapter of the GMWA shall have a dues agreed upon by the membership of the local Chapter.