GMWA Divisions

Divisions are created to provide distinct leadership, resources and guidance that are unique in the organization’s governing process.  A Vice Chair voted on by the Board of Directors, heads the Division and is responsible to the Board of Directors.  A Vice Chair of a Division can also be referenced as an Officer of the GMWA Board of Directors.  Board Liaisons are also appointed to give guidance to a particular Division. A Vice Chair has one vote on the Board of Directors.  Should there be a vacancy in one of the Divisions due to some unforeseen reason, the Chair of the Board of Directors has the authority to appoint a person until a vote of the Board of Directors can occur.  The Divisions of the GMWA are:

  • Academic Division
  • Chapter Representatives Division
  • Gospel Announcers/Alliance of Gospel Music Professionals Division
  • Performance & Recording Division
  • Women’s Division
  • Men’s Division
  • Security Division
  • Ushers/Nurses Division
  • Youth & Young Adult Division
  • Transportation Division
  • Contemporary Adult Division
  • Marketing & Development Division
  • Financial Affairs Division
  • Ministry Division