GMWA Women of Worship

The group known for the major gospel hit “Order My Steps” is poised to raise their level of praise while encouraging female gospel artists  to move toward a more holistic ministry. The Women’s Division gathers in full force at each annual convention to continue to traditions set forth by its founders and to forge new pathways to keep reminding people of the power of women in the gospel music industry.

Their primary goal is “to bring the division to a new level . . . and promote the perpetuation of the orginal art form of gospel music.” They encourage its members to be examples of “true worshippers” and to “stay on course with gospel music.” The group reminds others to “keep Christ in our music.”

In 2008 at the Annual Board Meeting Eloise Ford Gaffney was appointed Chairlady and Carolyn H. Bell Co-Chairlady of the Women’s Division.