Board of Directors

Rev. Dr. (Bishop)Albert L. Jamison, Sr.
Chairman, Board Of Directors
Co-Vice Chair, Ministry Division
Bethpage, NY


Bishop Brian Moore
Executive Vice Chair
Charleston, SC


Ms. JeJuan V. Ford

Board Secretary Chairman's Staff
GMWA Planning Team
Philadelphia, PA 

Rev. Dr. Kevin Bond
GMWA Treasurer
Asst. Chair, Collegiate Night
Brooklyn, New York

Mr. Ron Magnus, Esq.

GMWA Legal Counsel
Chair, GMWA Serves
Washington, D.C.

Dr. Charles Reese

Dean & Vice Chair, Academic

Chair, GMWA Constitution/By-Laws Committee
West Palm Beach, FL

Rev. Dr. Spencer White
Vice Chair, Chapter Representatives Division
Las Vegas, NV

Mr. James Ford
Vice Chair, Ushers & Nurses
Philadelphia, PA


Mrs. Shirley Berkeley

Vice Chair Women's Division
Upper Marlboro, MD


Rev. Dr. Isaac Whittmon

Vice Chair, Men's Division
Chicago, IL


Elder Timothy Thompson

Houston, TX

Lady Merdean Gales

Board Liaison, Youth & Young Adult Division & Christian Debutants & Cotillion
St. Louis, MO

Minister Craig Hayes

Vice Chair, Youth & Young Adult Division
Philadelphia, PA


Mrs. Elosie Ford-Gaffney

Chair, Women's Division
Birmingham, AL

Bishop Sam Williams

Vice Chair, Security Division
Bronx, NY

Rev. Dr. Melvin Wade

Co-Vice Chair, Ministry Division
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Joan Hillsman

Chair, Collegiate Night
Syracuse, NY



Dr. Steven Roberts

Chair, James Cleveland Gospel Chorus
, CA

Ms. Marsha T. Dupont

Director of Operations
Brooklyn, NY

Rev. Jonathan Willis

Norfolk, VA

Elder Willie Phillips

Board Member
Philadelphia, PA

Malcolm Williams

Board Member
Chicago, IL

Wayne Carter

Board Member
Wilmington, DE

Ron Jones

Board Member
Louisville, KY