Debutante Cotillion/Beautillion

Statement and Purpose

Cotillion/Beautillion Registration: GMWA Convention 2023


For years, young ladies and young men have been presented to the GMWA community through the Debutante Cotillion/Beautillion. This program promotes and cultivates in the young ladies and young men elegance, scholarship and poise. Since the Cotillion/Beautillion's inception the Gospel Music Workshop of America has used the program as a means of awarding scholarships dollars to young people for their scholastic achievement, community service; fundraising, and overall participation in the program.

Lady Merdean Gales - Board Liaison Christian Debutants & Cotillion

Program Objectives of the Debutante/Beautillion Cotillion

To encourage the development of young ladies and young men into good citizens by our example.
To promote high ideals and character building for young ladies and young men during their formative years.

To help young ladies and young men acquire social graces and good citizenship through group activity.

To promote understanding and friendship between the members of the organization and others
To develop new friendships, provide volunteer service; engage in structured leadership; etiquette; and educational workshops that will enhance their educational and social skills.

To benefit young ladies and young men who have the dedication, ambition, motivation, and drive to pursue fully to the end, a career that will enable them to make a contribution within their community


Pre Deb - Must be 3 - 13 years of age

Deb/Beau - Must be 14-19 (not 20 before or during National Convention)

Ladies of Valor- Must be 20+ (past contestants/Debs)

Men of Valor - Must be 20+ (past contestants/Beaus)


All Deb/Beau contestant must be single, never divorced or had a marriage annulled, nor have children. (Does not apply to Pre Deb or Ladies/Men of Valor)

All contestants should be in school, an active member of a church and of good Christian character.

All contestants must be a resident of the state they are representing and a member of their local GMWA Chapter.

Each contestant must be approved by their local chapter representative. Each chapter must submit a registration fee of $100.00 for each contestant. Registration can be paid early by check or money order. Only certified funds will be accepted during the National Convention for registration. (Cash, Money Order, Cashier Check)

There are no height or weight restrictions. However, contestants should be youthful and in good health.

Debs & Beaus must furnish all garments required for the Christian Cotillion/Beautillion. These garments must be of good Christian-Youthful taste. Garments that you are uncertain about can be reviewed by the National committee. All participants must have black pants and black long sleeve shirts that do not expose body parts for opening number.

All contestants should attend all Cotillion/Beautillion rehearsals, but are required to attend three in order to prepare for the National presentation.

Any Deb. needing an escort or Beau needing a Belle for the National Cotillion/Beautillion must inform the National Committee by the second rehearsal. (Tuesday)

Escorts and Belles should attend the last rehearsal and the dress rehearsal.

There are no set amounts for cash prizes or gifts.

Judges for the National Cotillion/Beautillion will be selected from a wide selection of Convention workers and staff, as well as non-Convention guests. Judges need not be an expert in any of the given categories and may or may not know a contestant. Each Judge must be approved by the National Committee. Any other areas of concern or suggestions should be submitted to the National Committee.

National Cotillion/Beautillion Competition and Scoring
(100 Point System)

Contestants will introduce themselves by giving their name, city, community activities, church, pastor’s name, church activities, school, and future plans. Contestants will be judged on good speaking voice, clarity, and expression. Contestants with highest points will be named Miss Personality / Mr. Personality.

Contestants must furnish their own props, (other than piano) if needed. Talent limited to singing, interpretive/liturgical dance (no disco), drama, monologues, and instrumentation. (Others in good Christian taste.) Talent must not exceed 3 minutes. Contestants judged on creativity. Contestant with the highest points will be named Miss Talent / Mr. Talent.

A fresh, wholesome, and youthful appearance. Bow should show poise and grace. Contestants will be judged on appearance and bow execution. Contestant with the highest points will be named Miss Charm / Mr. Debonair

To express general knowledge and opinion, not to include exact figures or ratios. Articulation and coherence are important. Contestant will be judged on reaction under pressure. Contestant with the highest points will be named Miss Expression / Mr. Expression.

Debs and Beaus reporting the highest amount of funds for the current session. (Ads for souvenir journal, Tee-shirt sales, Ribbons, etc

The contestant receiving the highest total number of points (all categories added – 100 possible points) will be crowned

GMWA – Miss Christian Debutante / Mr. Christian Beau.

*There will be second and first runner-up categories, as well.*

Special Awards

Participants will vote among themselves to select the female/male with
the warmest and friendliest attitude during the sessions.

Each contestant will receive a Certificate of Appreciation

Each category winner will receive a Trophy and Certificate.

GMWA-Miss Christian Debutante & Mr. Christian Beau will receive a Crown, Trophy, Certificate, and a cash award.

Escorts and Belles will receive Certificates of Participation.

For more information, please contact:
Lady Merdean Fielding-Gales, National Chair, Cotillion/Beautillion

831 Coulange Court - St. Louis, MO  63141
(314) 542-2447

 Elder Michelle L. Spence, National Coordinator
328 Dexter Street - Chesapeake, VA  23324
(757) 448-7040